Wicks Roofing has installed your roof, now let us handle your Solar Power as well!

Nothing would please us more than to bring an affordable, energy saving solution to our numerous loyal customers. Having one credible point of contact to manage both your Roofing and Solar needs is more beneficial for purchasing your Solar Power system. With roof penetrations being one of the most common concerns homeowners have when considering solar, it made sense for Wicks Roofing to offer a single; leak proof warranty that covers both the roof and solar system installations. Everyone here at Wicks Roofing is looking forward to your continued business and in helping bring lasting success with this wonderful venture!



There is no better time to go Solar! Whether you are investing in solar for your home or commercial property, solar is a smart choice today…and for the future. You can save money by lowering your monthly bills and cutting long-term operating costs-all while reducing your carbon footprint. Take advantage of the current 30% tax credit while increasing your home’s value without enlarging your property tax. Homes with solar are proven to sell roughly nine times faster than those without! So don’t wait another minute and give us a call today for your FREE no-obligation solar quote!


“We promote being in control of your own power costs, not leaving it in the hands of someone else.” Justin Wickersham, CEO. “All your roofing and Solar Needs!”


Solar Portfolio
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