Dear Justin and Staff,

As you know, construction can often be a very difficult and challenging profession. I have been in the construction industry for nearly 40 years and I have seen just about everything.

I felt compelled to tell you and your entire staff that Wicks Roofing made the roofing portion of the new Lemos Feed & Pet Supply building in Morro Bay a pleasure.

From our initial discussions regarding metal roofing and the Lemos project, to the final screws on the job site, we could not be more satisfied.

David, Julio and all of your employees were also an absolute pleasure to deal with.

From Mike Lemos and myself, “Thank you”

Yours truly,


Roger Conant

As a local General Contractor, I have been working with Justin and his family at WICKS Roofing for almost 10 years now. Justin and I have roofed approximately 40 homes together. I have been so impressed with his results that WICKS is the only trade that I do not shop around for. Justin and Wicks do quality work, perform on time, provide valuable advise, and most importantly stand behind their work. Thanks for your help Justin!

I have worked with Justin over the years on different projects and his attention to detail and quality work is why I chose him to roof my personal house. I wouldn’t trust anybody else to take care of our roofing needs.

We want to thank you for the work completed on the roof at our home. We are so happy with the way it looks and we really appreciate the work your guys completed each day. The men that came to the house were friendly and we appreciated that they took their time to do the job right. Thanks for getting our home rain ready on a Saturday as well. We really appreciate your flexibility as well as the guys that came on a Saturday. Thanks again!


Angela and Brian Neary

Please tell Justin the garage roof did not leak during the rain over last weekend…..first time in 20 years! Jim did a great job.

Mnay thanks again

John Laughney

Thank you for the prompt attention you gave to my letter of January 5, 2011. It is a pleasure to come into contact with a company with such professionalism and integrity. Upon your return in the future, I will point out the vent cap that should be replaced. As an aside, our groundskeeper, Mark Charbonneau asked me to pass on a compliment to your crew. He was quite impressed with their ‘after job’ clean-up. Again, it is a pleasure working with your company.


Stephanie Conner - The Laureate School

We would like to thank you and your crew for a beautiful job. We love our new roof! Everyone was so nice and the yard was spotless after you left. We will certainly recommend ” Wicks” whenever the word “Roof” is mentioned.
P.S. The color was right-on!

Brian & Darlene Sword

Thank you for cleaning up so well! The roof looks beautiful

Thank you again,

Cary Holst

Dear Sirs:

Thank you for the prompt attention to our roofmg problem.

We contacted three roofing companies. One roofing company responded and gave us a quote. We accepted and the work was never scheduled. Another roofmg company took our call and called us back two weeks later.

It is important to know that you are the best. We called and expressed our problem. Your staff responded promptly and checked our problem. Your staff explained what my problem was. Within days, the work was scheduled and completed. There was a great deal of concern from your staff to make sure that the repair work was clearly understood and resolved.

Thank you for caring.


James D' Albro

Thank you for the great job your crew did on our roof. They were courteous, fast and efficient. Justin personally was, was very responsive to our needs and concerns. We truly appreciate it. It is pleasure to do business with a company with such high standards of workmanship and ethics.

We feel confident our PVC roof will outlast any other options available to us. The tile accents and little extras provided were much appreciated and esthetically pleasing.

Curtis & Deborah Sykes - Guadalupe, CA

I think that Wicks Roofing did a great job.  They were a little slow in getting the bid to me, but after that came, the job ran really well. They completed the job quickly and the crew had a real professional demeanor in handling the job at hand. And they didn’t break anything!

Throughout the process, they were really willing to help with little things that came up and weren’t part of the bid. Like they resolved the issue with my fan in my bathroom for me and there was a large chunk of cement on the side of my property that I had no idea how to move, and they carried it off to the dump for me!

They were very accommodating with my timeline and finished everything quickly for me. Re-roofing is stressful, but they made it stress-free! They also cleaned up after themselves really well. I am so pleased with the results. My roof looks gorgeous!

We feel confident our PVC roof will outlast any other options available to us. The tile accents and little extras provided were much appreciated and esthetically pleasing.

Valarie Koos

During the winter of 2009 my roof had a severe leak in the dining room. Justin came out an assessed the damage and shortly thereafter, a crew was out to fix the problem. Wick’s Roofing is a fantastic local roofing company to work with and have recommended them to family, friends, and clients on several occasions.”

Wow!!!!! I don’t know where to start. I guess I will first start with thanking you and your crew for taking the time to take pictures and send them to me. I am blown away at what was underneath that torch down paper. I cannot understand how a person could do that to someone. Unbelievable!!! So, we really appreciate you taking the pictures so we have some evidence if this contractor ever comes back to try and get full payment. Thank you!

Second, looking at the pictures of your guys doing the work and seeing how it really should have been done, is amazing. How professional you all are and the outcome of the roof is the best. It is extremely difficult to manage affairs 300+ miles away, so we very grateful for you taking on this project and meeting our expectations. I hope I did not offend you regarding those several shingles that were cut from the previous contractor. I do believe they are in an area that was not of any concern, just so happens that my son went over the entire back portion of that roof and spotted the cuts in those shingles. As I mentioned, we would rather be safe than sorry and if it is not too much trouble have you or someone from you crew take a look at them to be sure we don’t have to worry about any water leaking through in that area. Your crew did an excellent job and we couldn’t be any happier.

Thanks so much. Such a pleasure to have worked with you.

Julia & Mark Woods

I dropped my check off at your office on Monday after school. I meant to email you when I got home and let you know, and I forgot! Anyway, thank you so much for the nice job your company did on my roof, for inspecting the job yourself, and for answering all of my questions and concerns. I will definitely be putting out a good word for your company and recommending Wicks to friends! Thanks again for everything!

Teri Matteson

Coming from a background in construction, I was amazed that your crew came in for two days, stripped the roof and shingled the roof, and we hardly even knew you were there. There was no equipment, trash, or wrappers, debris, and no trampled plants around the house – that even indicated a new roof had been installed. The workmanship on our roof is great – we have a connecting carport and an awkward angle, and your roofers figured out how to install the roof with attractive ridge lines that compliment the roof line. Thank you for a very professional job!


Norm Blackburn

I wanted to thank you again for all you did personally to get a new roof installed on my house. Eve and I could NOT be happier with the roof, or our dealings with you. As I told you on the phone everyday your crew left my house is was cleaner than when they got there, including the first day, when the mess was not theirs. They went so far as to put a shim in my mail box because it was only held in with one screw and was not straight on the
wall. Had one of the crew member not stolen ALL of the oranges off my tree (which was only 10) it would have been a perfect construction experience (which are very few and far between!!!!!!).

San Luis Obispo, CA

Thank you for the fine roofing job.

Carol Caccese