Garrett Gunning

Chief Operating Officer
Garrett was born in Santa Ynez Ca, with deep roots in the community. His Father is a retired Biology teacher and local Pirates football coach of the local Santa Ynez Valley Union High School. His Mother the local grocer from the towns beloved Nielson’s Market. Garrett grew up surfing, and playing baseball. Garrett made his way through University of California Santa Cruz with high class rankings in Environmental Science. He quickly fell into the field of Roofing and Solar by learning AutoCAD, assisting in designing electrical plans, to running a solar engineering and design company before partnering with Wicks Roofing in 2016. Garrett effectively acts as the sitting Chief Operating Officer with a keen eye for detail. Garrett is a HUGE fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and rarely misses a game. On the weekends and off-time you’ll find Garrett BBQing with friends and family, watching the Dodgers, taking his dog Gracey on hikes, and living the Santa Ynez valley life.