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Wicks tile roofing options range from two-piece Spanish clay tile to flat cement tile.

Tile Roofing Service in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo, CA.

Wicks specializes in the two-piece Spanish tile in the traditional Santa Barbara and Montecito methods passed down from generations of roofers. 

This method includes twisted wire ties and water soaked tiles with heavy mortar. Wicks also offers Cement flat tiles, concrete and clay S tile, W tiles, and various other types of tiles ranging in price and aesthetics. 

We do a lo of our tile work in Santa Barbara but also do plenty of this service in San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties. 

Our crews are well trained in all branches on tile roofing methods and we are not scared of adding solar to this roof type. 

We are the premier Santa Barbara Tile Roofing experts.

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Tile Roofing FAQ

Have questions before reaching out? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions regarding tile roofs.

It depends. You can install tile roofing on your home even if you don’t currently have a tile roof if your rafters and roof structure are rated to support the weight of the tile. Tile weighs about 9 lbs per sq ft so your rafters should be spaced at 16” and sized as 2x12s. You will want to confirm with a structural engineer.

Clay tile has a long world wide history of providing shelter and aesthetics. It has been used for hundreds of years as a roofing material. It provides an old world look and is the most sought after type in places like Montecito, Santa Barbara and anywhere where a Spanish style architecture is desired. Concrete tile is more cost effective but not quite as aesthetic. It comes in flat tile choices, S tile and a 2 piece. It has the same fire ratings as clay.

Average replacement cost including removal of existing roof is approximately $15-20 per square foot in 2023

Average replacement cost including removal of existing roof is approximately $12-$15 per square foot.

The answer is obvious. Wicks Roofing and Solar has been installing Santa Barbara style tile roofs for over 35 years. We acquired Avanti Roofing and since then have acquired Quality roofing employees which have been installing these roofs for decades with generational knowledge passed down.

What our customers say:

“Super Happy! Used Wicks for new solar as well as full tile reroof. Seth was super professional and knowledgeable on the solar side, and John was great to work with on the roof. Very professional and hard working roof crew. Highly recommend them.”

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