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Metal roofing is an effective durable option with a great aesthetic.

Metal Roofing Service in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo, CA.

When considering metal roofing options in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo, CA, the range of choices can be diverse. 

One popular option for residential applications in the region is Standing Seam Metal roofing. Recognized for its sleek appearance, this type of metal roofing features a rib where the metal panels meet, offering customizable spacing options to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

While the standard 18” spacing is common, alternatives like 12” and 16” provide flexibility, ensuring a tailored look for every home. At Wicks, our expertise lies in delivering a concealed fastener system, ensuring a seamless and polished finish for each project in the Central Coast.

In commercial spaces across California Corrugated metal roofing reigns supreme. Widely installed in commercial buildings and barn structures, it’s known for its cost-effectiveness and durability. 

Instead of pronounced seams, this roofing style features rounded valleys and troughs, adding a unique visual appeal to the structure. Wicks ensures a tailored approach for every roofing need, whether it’s the sleek finish of Standing Seam or the practicality of Corrugated metal roofing.

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Metal Roofing FAQ

Have questions before reaching out? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions regarding metal roofs.

The warranty on the color of the roof is 40 years. However, with a concealed fastener system like the one Wicks installs is estimated to be a lifetime roof. This means unless desired you will never need to replace it again.

Standing Seam metal roofing have seams spaced every so often where the metal panels meet. The seams are cold formed onsite with a special machine and then snap locked into place on the roof. All of the fasteners are concealed to ensure a water tight system which is not dependent on caulking or other means to waterproof. Corrugated metal roofs fasteners are typically exposed and overall a more cost effective.

A shingle roof is typically the most cost effective roof available. Corrugated metal roofing is a little more expensive than shingles and Standing seam metal roofing is one of the most expensive options available. In 2023 the typical standing seam metal roof cost is about $16 per square foot while a shingle roof is around $9. Corrugated metal is about the same cost as shingles coming in at about $10 per sq ft.

Standing seam metal comes in all different types of metals. If you live directly ON the beach, you will want to choose a metal that will stand the test of time like copper, or stainless steel. A more cost-effective option that have better corrosion resistance than steel would be aluminum. We recommend going with aluminum if the home is about 100 yards from the water and copper or stainless if ocean mist is regularly hitting the home. Galvanized and painted steel are the typical choice for all other applications.

Yes, however we may need to go through Architectural Board of Review to permit. Wicks is well suited to handle this and has navigated the process in the past with the ABR and Coastal Commission. It is not guaranteed to be accepted however.

Yes, we have navigated the city of Oxnard’s regulations and permitting to accept metal roofing. The acceptance is up to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

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